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I dreamed that the Habs had won the Cup this year and we were all still weeping about it.

That’s it, that’s all.

That’s the post.

I still can’t decide if Boston will boo PK next season or not.

Who can predict their silliness, not me.

Reading this has calmed me down a little towards the incident. I still think Chara is terrible, based on other incidents as well. I think he’s a dirty player. But the Bruins are just coached that way. That’s their thing. I don’t agree, that’s why I don’t like the Bruins. But to know that Patches is mostly over it, helps a little.

What time is it? 11:03pm

What are you doing? heading to bed now, with some C.S. Lewis readings for philosophy

What do you want most in the world today? someone to cuddle me and stroke my hair and say shh it’s ok your doing your best we all still love you anyway and you have cute taste in decorations

Last thing you ate? oh um. dinner was this casserole thing that Rick makes.

What has happened recently that made you happy? rocked the geo midterm today, allegedly, and I feel really really good now about that class because everything was feeling the same as last time and last time I failed but I remember taking a really similar midterm and not knowing the answers and I did today and so now there is finally proof that this time around is different.

What has happened recently that made you sad? I feel really lonely and pathetic.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? The Kings didn’t sweep, crazy.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I will wake up and muster up strength to try to do impossible things, just like every day.

What time is it? 5:48pm

What are you doing? Just edited a portion of my movies vlog, so yes there will really be a vlog coming up, contemplating watching the second movie but I should probably go find out if my mom’s making dinner or whatever. Also might have to watch on my laptop in my room because I don’t trust that there isn’t nudity and Brad is following me around and would probably want to watch if I was out in the rec room.

What do you want most in the world today? a couple more days of vacation…Can’t believe I go back on Tuesday! I’m excited but I also know it’s going to be a TON of work. Work that I’m actually going to do, and the knowledge that I cannot take even a couple days to do nothing until August is so overwhelming.

Last thing you ate? drank three cans of diet Coke during the movie because I have a sickness.

What has happened recently that made you happy? Had a great time with some friends last night, even just hanging around :)

What has happened recently that made you sad? I am still somewhat sick and I’m worried it won’t go away before school starts. I need to be at my best or else all will fall down.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Apparently round 2 of the playoffs started yesterday! I specifically checked a couple days ago and I could have sworn it was today at 3pm that it started, like, who would figure a 3pm game on a Friday. Anyway, I was looking forward to watching the first game of the round, even though I don’t really care about NSH/PHX but I missed it so meh. 

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … at some point Rick and I are heading back up to Waterloo, I believe. Term starts Tuesday and my visits up to Waterloo to “clean” did not actually get a lot done, I would like to clean off my desk and clear out the fridge blah blah student problems.

What time is it? 11:11pm

What are you doing? Getting ready for bed, I am so so tired

What do you want most in the world today? health

Last thing you ate? toasted chicken sandwich that I got my mom to make for me by laying pathetically on the couch in my sickness

What has happened recently that made you happy? Waterloo trip went well I’d say, it was nice :) Also, Boston out first round game 7 OT, so happy.

What has happened recently that made you sad? I am le sick :( Also sounds like St Kitts trip is gonna suck due to dad being a dick so idk if I’m gonna go tomorrow or what idk idk anything because my head doesn’t work and words

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Managed to accomplish all I wanted to today, despite being sick and not having slept.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I am going to go get proper bras and call my father and see about going down there in the evening idk IDK OK.

What time is it? 10:03pm

What are you doing? hockey-ing, editing on commercials

What do you want most in the world today? I don’t even know anymore.

Last thing you ate? I am eating chips because fuck you

What has happened recently that made you happy? Got some reading done in the sun, that was nice.

What has happened recently that made you sad? I am in a weird mood today. I feel all ashfkldafhl and confused and things, I think staying home for a day was a bad idea, I should have made plans for today.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? I am getting angry at everyone and everything.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I get to see wuugle and we will hibernate in the basement and I can watch her react pricelessly to things that happen on Friends.

  • Me: *le tunes into the PIT/PHI game, sees it is 9-3*
  • Me: *texts Rick* 9-3?? Who the fuck is in goal for Philly, a turtle??
  • Rick: Lmao
  • Rick: I've gotten 11 points towards the pool from this game alone
  • *goal scored, making it 10-3*
  • Me: Holy shit what is even happening.
  • Me: What even is this series.
  • Rick: Right?
  • Crosby: His glove was near me, he went to pick it up and I pushed it.
  • Reporter: Because why, sorry?
  • Crosby: I don't like him. There's a lot going on out there, I don't have to sit here and say why I pushed his glove away. They're doing a lot of things out there too. We don't like each other. Was I supposed to pick up his glove for him or what was I supposed to do?
  • Reporter: Skate away?
  • Crosby: ...
  • Reporter: ...
  • Crosby: Skate away? ... Ok well I didn't that time so~~~

What time is it? 12:33am

What are you doing? watching hockey, just reached my next flashcard landmark to allow me to do something else for a bit but I’m gonna wait until this period is over and move this show back into my bedroom.

What do you want most in the world today? le kisses

Last thing you ate? all the carrots

What has happened recently that made you happy? well see there’s this girl and she says nice things and makes faces at me and just makes my days better in general even when she is not physically around.

What has happened recently that made you sad? Vancouver could play better, I would appreciate that somewhat.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? As I just typed it they tied it up again so HOORAY

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … night I have my coding final, and then I’m on vacation until May 1st YAY LIFE.