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What time is it? 1:27pm

What’s going on? Really failing at this lately. OH WELL. DONT’ CARE BECAUSE I’M PLAYING WITH MY NEW PHONE. NEXUS 4 BITCHES

What do you want most in the world today? A new ph—oh wait.

What has happened recently that made you happy? phone Paul helped an old lady today at the mall, it was precious

What has happened recently that made you sad? My dad had a bit of a hissy fit when we went to see him yesterday because I wouldn’t go on a cake run with him at 8pm when I needed to leave slash because I didn’t bring cake.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? They didn’t make me give a urine sample at the lab this morning, which was good because I peed before going.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I work at 7am boo hoo I’m Donna I complain about getting shifts and about not getting shifts

What time is it? 10:36pm

What’s going on? Watching Monk with headphones because Paul is working right next to me. I didn’t do a whole lot today because I slept a lot, but I at least did pt 2 of my push-up rehabilitation and a couple of queue-related things, also I cleaned the fridge. I wanted to work on my novel but I just wasn’t feeling it today.

What do you want most in the world today? I could do without this pesky COUGH that’s been plaguing me all week.

What has happened recently that made you happy? It’s not exactly news, but PAUL. He makes me happy everyday.

What has happened recently that made you sad? Someone died on the show we were watching.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? I didn’t end up going to see my dad today. I guess I’m 0 for 2 in the good daughter department

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I have to get off my butt and run some errands.

What time is it? 12:03am, wow, is it really? I should go to BED.

What’s going on? Spent most of the day lazing around.. now I’m kind of… puttering around. Just bought two things online from Bluenotes NO ONE STOPPED ME But whatever it was like $11 after discounts. I guess I’m going to bed now?

What do you want most in the world today? A bigger place/more organizational items

What has happened recently that made you happy? Paul gave me this look and I actually cried because no one has ever looked at me like that before… like I was the star of their world, beautiful and funny and radiating happiness. We’re pretty great and sappy.

What has happened recently that made you sad? Didn’t accomplish much today and still feeling sick.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? I told my mom I’d burn her a copy of this audiobook I have, and I finally got around to it today, but I stupidly didn’t consider the fact that’s it’s like five hours long and wouldn’t fit on an 80 minute disc. Worst daughter.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I mentioned to my dad I might to St Catharines but bleh going out.

What time is it? 6:56pm

What’s going on? I went to Hamilton today… to go to the doctor’s. And I had lunch with my mom and then I went to my parents’ house to pick up a couple of bins worth of my stuff, and I sat and had a chat with Brad, that was nice. I’m home now and it’s snowing quite a lot. I’m still pretty sick but it’s manageable. Just organizing a few things and I’m going to attempt to do a small bit of exercising, maybe film a vlog since I am wayyyyyyy behind on my challenge. If all else fails, maybe I’ll get some reading done.

What do you want most in the world today? A slightly more stable income.

What has happened recently that made you happy? Seeing my parents. 

What has happened recently that made you sad? I was supposed to see my dad yesterday since it was his birthday but I was too sick to drive; he lives in St Catharines. It was sadtimes.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Tried a half-French Vanilla, half-coffee today. It was only ok. I think I need the ratio to be slightly more in favour of FV.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … we might watch the next Star Trek movie :o

What time is it? 8:19pm

What’s going on? Recently finished dinner (chicken caesar stuffs) and laundry is ongoing. I wanted to clean the fridge today but I really don’t think my body is up to all the reaching and squishing… if it weren’t for laundry I would probably just be going to bed. I might try to use this time to do something productive that involves sitting still.

What do you want most in the world today? To be fitter

What has happened recently that made you happy? I have a home, I have love, I have a future, I have an income, I have family. What more could I ask for?

What has happened recently that made you sad? Work is bleh and I might have to find a different job due to the fact that it is shitty + shitty hours. I could work at a crap job if it was at least giving me the hours it promised.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Work keeps putting me on the soup and sandwich station, like 75% of days. I think I might be considered good at it?

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I work 7am-2pm and then I have to buy a gift for my father hooray mall (not)

What time is it? 10:10pm

What are you doing? Cleaning and organizing/rearranging the apartment with Paul

What do you want most in the world today? I wish I wasn’t so fucked up

What has happened recently that made you happy? Had a day off of work today!

What has happened recently that made you sad? Today has been testing me. First the issue with my graduation, then issues with my dad, then issues with myself… ugh.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Not gradating Honours like I thought I guess. But meh. Who cares. Tbqh I don’t deserve “honours”

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I’m taking Rick to dinner for his birthday which was last week, since he took me out when it was my birthday.

Hey kiddo, what’s gnu?
text from my dad

What time is it? 10:24pm

What are you doing? Christmas-ifying Paul’s apartment and watching SourceFed.

What do you want most in the world today? job

What has happened recently that made you happy? I have been very on-schedule the last couple of days… really getting my act together :D

What has happened recently that made you sad? My Paulface isn’t feeling well today.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Paul met my dad + family yesterday :O and everything went better than could have been expected and I am just the most surprised.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I’m hoping to get the 4 things I have scheduled for myself done to keep on my streak of awesomeness, but I’m worried homework is going to ruining it by being hard and taking too much time.

  • Anxiety: I has it
  • Apartment: I don’t has it.
  • There isn’t a lot available. But I have a couple places I need to call but calling gives me anxiety.
  • Car: tis broken. A check-something light is on and it is grumpy when I try to start it (success rate ~50%)
  • The gears are like hmm which gear do I feel like using today OK THIS ONE wait no THIS ONE and I’m like I feel like there should be some rhyme or reason behind these choices come on car
  • Job: I also don’t has it.
  • BUT I did get a call this morning from Tim Hortons and I have an interview on Thursday so hooray!
  • School: I passed my midterm but not by a lot (56%)
  • But the prof admits he fucked up the midterm and anything between a 53% - 72% we should consider a “B” level understanding of the material
  • So there’s that
  • Lectures end December 3 and my exam is Dec 12 so it’s all coming up fairly soon
  • Relationship: I has it. So being in love is pretty great and makes days worth it and stuffs.
  • I spend 80% of my time essentially living with Paul and his energy helps me a lot
  • Family is ok
  • Lumberjackguide is queued to complete today so y’all should check that out and watch a few vlogs
  • I have 3 personal vlogs filmed that need to be edited as well as my Christmas video and road trip pictures need to go on facebook and here and also the pictures from Hallowe’en and also Paul and I are going to do DVD commentary for the road trip vlog DVD I’m making
  • I’m currently reading Sammy’s House by Kristin Gore. Next I am rereading Flatland.
  • Paul is meeting Silina on Thursday and potentially my father on Sunday

THAT’S IT that’s everything I can think of

Have you ever did something bad or lied to your parents but got away with it?

Your grammar is impeccable.

Yes of course. My dad still thinks the couples camping trip I went on in 11th grade was with me and three of my girl friends.