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In speechcomm today, the cutest girl did a speech on why you should eat less meat. She was arguing the benefits of eliminating meat from your diet one day a week, called Meatless Mondays. She was a vegetarian and was promoting the vegetarian lifestyle in general, but was only asking us to do MM. Overall it was a good speech. She is quite bubbly normally and when she tries to be serious it comes off a little ~too serious but we are all aware of this and no one has ever commented on it so far…it’s just how her voice is, nbd. WELL…

This girl that I absolutely hate decided to bring it up today. She ALWAYS has to speak during the comments section (usually about 80% positive feedback overall, we are a close group), and it’s always criticism from her, save for a couple of guys she clearly finds attractive. She talks sweetly but in that #sorrynotsorry way that let’s you know that she is a much better person than you in every aspect, and all your flaws are really stupid and so are you.

"The way you were talking was more about vegetarianism in general, and your tone was really offensive. I just felt like you were attacking me for eating meat. I mean, I’m not going to stop eating meat, I need my meat. You were just being really aggressive and I think you sort of offended people.”

The vege-girl nods meekly at this undeserved comment but then something awesome happened.

The rest of the people who spoke after her (~4 I think) all mentioned a comment along the lines of “I didn’t think you were being offensive, I thought you had a nice tone that was serious but not judgemental.” It was really obvious that people were mad at this stupid girl because there aren’t usually that many repeat comments.

When the next speech was over, the moderator and class in general just talk-blocked her and she didn’t get to give her two cents for once.

Take that bitch.