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What time is it? 6:56pm

What’s going on? I went to Hamilton today… to go to the doctor’s. And I had lunch with my mom and then I went to my parents’ house to pick up a couple of bins worth of my stuff, and I sat and had a chat with Brad, that was nice. I’m home now and it’s snowing quite a lot. I’m still pretty sick but it’s manageable. Just organizing a few things and I’m going to attempt to do a small bit of exercising, maybe film a vlog since I am wayyyyyyy behind on my challenge. If all else fails, maybe I’ll get some reading done.

What do you want most in the world today? A slightly more stable income.

What has happened recently that made you happy? Seeing my parents. 

What has happened recently that made you sad? I was supposed to see my dad yesterday since it was his birthday but I was too sick to drive; he lives in St Catharines. It was sadtimes.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Tried a half-French Vanilla, half-coffee today. It was only ok. I think I need the ratio to be slightly more in favour of FV.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … we might watch the next Star Trek movie :o

What time is it? 3:43pm

What are you doing? just checking up on computer things (ie tumblr) and now I’m going to eat and start on my to-do list for today but luckily it’s all stuff I feel like doing. And me and my parents are all just kind of sitting around together on our laptops, ah, quality family time.

What do you want most in the world today? apartment

What has happened recently that made you happy? I met Paul last night for coffee because he was bringing me my phone charger that I left at his house. And it was cool because it was as if we don’t practically live together.. just meeting up for a coffee date. At Starbucks. Because I’m that person now. I wore a hat and everything.

What has happened recently that made you sad? I wanted to play Christmas music as I was doing stuff but Brad is watching something on National Geographic about World War II and then I realized that it’s Remembrance Day and I shouldn’t be listening to Christmas music anyway as per my personal rules and what I should be doing is remembering the wars—oh wait. So yeah now I feel terrible. edit: APPARENTLY today is Nov 10 and therefore not Remembrance Day. So. My bad.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? I slept until 2:30pm. Much needed but I’m surprised. Typically I’m upset if I sleep past noon but today I didn’t care.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I’m taking Paul to St Catharines to meet my dad and step mom and sisters. Gulp.

  • Me: Ugh. What are we watching, is it annoying?
  • Brad: It's like The Black except not as intense.
  • Me: That guy was the elf in The Santa Clause.
  • Brad: What
  • Me: Yep. And now he just keeps acting and it's like dude water you doing. He's on like Numb3rs or whatever and day after day I'm like ok but. I haven't forgotton. No one has forgotton. Because like. You were in The Santa Clause.
  • Brad: ...
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: ... That's my story.
  • Brad: It was a very good story. I really liked the way you flushed out the characters and I thought your conclusion was particularly epic.
  • Me: Shut up ok I'm really tired.
  • Brad: ...
  • Brad: Wait. The Santa Clause 1 with Tim Allen?
  • Me: RIGHT??

What time is it? 4:24pm

What are you doing? Getting ready to go to Jessica’s for cake day number 8! Or is it 9…? I should really figure that out.

What do you want most in the world today? I wish I wasn’t so fucking tired all the time.

What has happened recently that made you happy? Yesterday had many highs and lows. Quite a day.

What has happened recently that made you sad? See above.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Lately I’ve been laying down “for a minute” on the couch talking to my mom or Brad and then the next thing I know I wake up and it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day and everyone is gone and I didn’t do anything I was supposed to have been doing. Why does everyone keep letting this happen to me, it’s so frustrating.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I will finally be sorting through road trip footage (and hopefully posting/queuing all the pics and vlogs) while unfortunately spending time with someone really lame and ridiculous.

What time is it? 3:27pm

What are you doing? Just got in, padded my queue a little, now going to unpack until I either find my DS or until I am too tired to continue.

What do you want most in the world today? I wish Brad wasn’t sleeping so I could have music blaring to help with the unpacking

What has happened recently that made you happy? Wouldn’t you like to know. I had a really great past 24hrs, let’s just leave it at that.

What has happened recently that made you sad? I’m tempted to make a joke here but I’ll try to be serious. Having trouble coming up with something. Still thinking. Must not say lamp…. ok lamp. Sorry.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? My dad called and said that they put his dog on more medication, I was actually expecting him to be put down. It’s still a possibility, he’s in a lot of pain but improving. This whole thing happened kind of fast.

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … I’m broing out with my bestest bro.

You do realize you’re trying to reason with a cat?
Brad, to my mom.

'May the fourth' is also my step-dad Brad's birthday. And he prefers Star Trek over Star Wars. A lot. I think his birthday annoys him.

But it’s ok because this year I got him a “University of Waterloo Dad” mug and that’ll make him very happy.

What time is it? 5:48pm

What are you doing? Just edited a portion of my movies vlog, so yes there will really be a vlog coming up, contemplating watching the second movie but I should probably go find out if my mom’s making dinner or whatever. Also might have to watch on my laptop in my room because I don’t trust that there isn’t nudity and Brad is following me around and would probably want to watch if I was out in the rec room.

What do you want most in the world today? a couple more days of vacation…Can’t believe I go back on Tuesday! I’m excited but I also know it’s going to be a TON of work. Work that I’m actually going to do, and the knowledge that I cannot take even a couple days to do nothing until August is so overwhelming.

Last thing you ate? drank three cans of diet Coke during the movie because I have a sickness.

What has happened recently that made you happy? Had a great time with some friends last night, even just hanging around :)

What has happened recently that made you sad? I am still somewhat sick and I’m worried it won’t go away before school starts. I need to be at my best or else all will fall down.

What happened recently that you didn’t expect? Apparently round 2 of the playoffs started yesterday! I specifically checked a couple days ago and I could have sworn it was today at 3pm that it started, like, who would figure a 3pm game on a Friday. Anyway, I was looking forward to watching the first game of the round, even though I don’t really care about NSH/PHX but I missed it so meh. 

Finish this sentence: Tomorrow … at some point Rick and I are heading back up to Waterloo, I believe. Term starts Tuesday and my visits up to Waterloo to “clean” did not actually get a lot done, I would like to clean off my desk and clear out the fridge blah blah student problems.

  • Me: Oh right, I have this pop can in [the fridge] from last night.
  • *takes it out and drinks from it*
  • Mom: UGH WHAT!!
  • Brad: NO OMG!!
  • Me: Oh, it's not bad actually.
  • Mom: No, just dump it and get a new one. Isn't it flat?
  • Me: No it's fine.
  • Brad: Dump it anyway, have some respect for yourself.