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  • Hot girl: *to hot guy* I don't know, just some meats I hate. Like pork. Ugh it's so gross.
  • Hot guy: Oh? Hm.
  • Rest of group: lololol I want to be included in this conversation too
  • Hot guy: What about ground beef?
  • Hot girl: UGH. What about that like, no name grey meat!
  • Me: Have you tried head cheese?
  • Hot girl: Uhhhh. What is that.
  • Me: It's like chunks of meat all wrapped in this like gelatin stuff....
  • Other guy: Yeah! I've heard of that.
  • Hot girl: Uhhhh. I'll let you figure that one out. Whether I've tried that or not.
  • Me: ...
  • Hot girl: *to hot guy* Oh my god ground beef though, oh my god
  • Me: oh ok.png